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Salon Interior

Doors today – is the main and obligatory attribute of any interior style. Today there is such an abundance of choice that would not seem difficult to make a choice. But the selection of interior doors at first glance it seems easy. One has only to begin repairs as soon there is the question that the doors came to the future of interior, were strong and high quality. Another important factor the cost of such pleasure. Let's try understand the types, structures, especially internal doors. There are many criteria by which the doors referred to a particular type. 1.

On material used for the production of interior doors: Wood. This door type called simply – the array. These doors are made of precious wood. Wood is shown in the highest quality. Feature of this product is its price. It is important to note that valuable tree species located both inside and outside of the product. The naturalness of an array of doors you can feel – they weigh more. Block doors can become a real decoration of interior and be sure to bring with them into the house of a healthy energy natural wood.

The main merit of these doors is that they will last you for years. Profile (PVC, mdf, particle board.). Veneered interior doors are made from inexpensive and durable material, as a rule, it Fiberboard, particleboard or mdf. Base may be from an array of inexpensive wood. Veneer (veneer) is a slice of precious wood, thickness of about 1 mm, which is glued base leaf. Often, these doors mimic doors of solid wood, but the quality and longevity is undoubtedly inferior. Steel. Strong room doors. Used for the greatest security. As well as fire. Glass. Glass, used in interior doors, can be any color, shape, topography, with any level of transparency. These doors are made of glass triples (a tempered, safety glass). 2. By types of opening: – Swing (odnopolnye and dvupolnye) Sliding (Sliding along the wall, sliding to the wall opening (niche, pocket)) – The emerging 'book' – Salon type (blade can be opened in both sides of the wall opening) 3. In appearance:-Deaf (framed and smooth). Provide insulation and soundproofing. Hinder the passage of light and different smells. -Glazing. Lightweight, transparent doors. In combination with metallic elements are excellent designer incarnations. 4. By ways of filling:-corpulent (filled material completely)-c honeycomb (honeycomb filled from compressed cardboard). In general, the criteria for classifying the door to a certain category (type) a lot. Functions of modern interior doors can be listed for very long. This reliable, easy maintenance, and ease of opening, environmental and durability Doors today – it is also design work, which necessarily will decorate your home.

Warm Field

Myth One: What are the electromagnetic field only argument we have not heard about this: the electromagnetic radiation of warm floors are very high, it adversely affects health, etc. This myth is as old as the world, and on this occasion there were many disputes, but still strong minds in the world and have not determined exactly what the exact extent of damage to the magnetic field. Research in this direction are being conducted in all developed countries, every country has certain sanitary standards acceptable levels. In Russia, the allowable values of the electric field embodied in the sanitary norms 2971-84 for residential and is the upper limit of – 500 V / m. On account of the norms of the magnetic field in Russia Currently there are no fixed standards in force. The magnetic field of the heating cable is dependent on the magnitude of current passing through the cable, to be exact, then the power cable and the distance between the cable and the measuring point.

Cable laid the snake with alternating directions of the currents, to reduce the magnetic field at distances comparable with the step placement, but even in the worst case, the magnetic field from the cable system is much lower background The magnetic field of the Earth. If we take the heating cable Wirt, a multicore cable radiates below the maximum allowable rate for a man 60 times, and electromagnetic radiation in a two-conductor 300. The world does not exist yet no evidence of the harmfulness of electromagnetic fields.

Natural Parquet

Flooring – beautiful and comfortable floor. It consists of three layers of natural wood. The upper layer parquet – made from solid wood, as a rule, fine wood, its thickness is 4-8mm. Then comes the second layer of more available wood species, mostly coniferous trees. This layer is perpendicular to the upper layer.

The third layer – it's plywood. Many of the Parquet, and yet once the fashion for this cover came from France. Floorboards are produced in factories, in the form of panels, their width is 18 cm, length – 2 meters. Polish their cover at the factory. Of the advantages of this type of coverage you can highlight the undoubted quality.

The tree gives the unique interior. Flooring, in contrast to the parquet, easy to install. This option is cheaper than the parquet, and its styling is also more economical. Coverage can restore over time. The disadvantage is Note particularly styling, if you use a "floating" method. It is unprofitable, as flooring can be deformed with time.