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Abdominoplastia is an operation of aesthetic surgery that is used to improve so much the appearance as the contour of the region of the abdomen. By means of this procedure so much is removed the skin as the excessive fat of the average part or inferior of the abdomen, chartting at the same time the muscles that are underlying, with the purpose of to offer an appearance much more signs. An abdomen of loose appearance can take place as a result of a pregnancy or very abrupt changes of weight. For example, the women whom they have had more of a pregnancy, probably have stretched muscles of the abdomen along with the skin, thus can see themselves very benefitted with this aesthetic surgery. After giving light, a woman can recover the muscular tone, nevertheless this will not contribute to again carve the weave that connects these muscles since it has been stretched.

The skin also can be loose after losing weight of drastic form and tends to hang, in addition it does not respond to the exercise suitably. This excess of skin can be retired by means of abdominoplastia. Brief description of the procedure For this operation first takes place an incision in the zone of the abdomen inferior, right on the pubic region. The length of this cut depends on the amount of fat and skin that must be removed (it can be of a side from the hip to another one). In order to clear the fat deposits also liposuction can be used, nevertheless abdominoplastia is needed and given better results in case the muscles are prim or if there is a significant quantity of loose skin. Obvious the case is different for each patient, since in some cases it is needed that more fat retires whereas in others it is required that skin is removed but (in this case abdominoplastia is spoken of one partial or completes). .

General Principles

The presented/displayed case is located in the Educative Context. We are before a scholastic case of Harassment, in an Institute of Barcelona. The case is taken by a psychologist, who comprises of the group of the center for years. The demand leaves from a student of the institute. Before beginning to analyze the conflict and to try to arrive at an exposition of solution from the same, we must make mention to the General Principles of Deontological Code that are of application to the case, because they make reference to the protection of the human rights and the obligation to inform and to take part in situations of bad treatments, and which they would be: Article 5, by which the purpose of the exercise of Psychology is human and social, trying the well-being, health, quality of life, fullness of the development of the people and the groups in the different aspects from its life, individual as as much social. Sometimes in that he requires it to the case, the psychologist will have to resort to the aid of other professionals, without damage on the matter of the competitions and knowledge of each. Article 6, by which the psychologist must to the respect to the person, protection of the human rights, sense of responsibility, honesty, sincerity with his patients, prudence in the application of instruments and techniques, professional competition, solidity of the objective and scientific founding of its interventions . Article 8, the psychologist must inform to the COP of the situations into bad treatments, cruel, cruel or degrading violations of the human rights or conditions of imprisonment that to him their patients realise, with the purpose of to establish the best plan of action to solve the situation. Article 9, will be respected the criteria morals and monks, although not preventing this the questioning during the outside necessary intervention if for the case.

The Universe

Anaximandro analyzes the material things of the world and of them it became some abstract representations. In the nature we did not observe of an immediate way any geometric figure that is perfect. These figures are had in our thought. But the same own great relation with the nature, since the primitive image is that one that we see, starting off of the experience we went to the infinite universe of metaphysics where the abstract reason develops its practices, we adapted soon them to the experience where those beings take form and consistency with the sensible reality that we lived on a daily basis. And what a day it seemed impossible or an element of the fiction becomes reality. It is there where science and the technology play a decisive role, with the purpose of to take to the practice the thoughts of the reason in the fields of metaphysics.

Obsrvese that starting off of the experience we can arrive at very abstract systems of thought, and from the dominions of the reason in the abstract spheres that they seem to be very far from the reality we can arrive at very complex material systems. Which can offer to different interpretations from the nature and their presumed nexus us physical energy levels which they own a transformation different from ours. When we observed the movement of a moving body we studied, it in three dimensions. Science and the technology can offer the discovery us of other dimensions that own a direct relation with the objects of the universe. Since the discoveries of the scientific philosophers of the nature, were applied to the universe, to the practice and the demonstration.

Now they are possible to be applied to any object on the Earth. That is the great mathematical and philosophical complexity that handles sciences. The infinite is characterized not to have limits, that is to say what it does not own I finish.