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Heart Health

The cardiorrespiratria stop (PCR) is defined as the interruption of the activities respiratory and circulatria effective. The nursing has extremely important paper in the attendance to the PCR, event where the organization is indispensable, the emotional balance, the theoretician-practical knowledge of the team, as well as the correct distribution of the functions on the part of these professionals, who represent, many times, most of the team in the atendimentos of PCR. The intention of the accomplishment of this article consists of rescuing the theoretical recital in the identification and treatment of the cardiorrespiratria stop, as well as the nursing assistance. One is about an article having as metodolgica base the bibliographical one, based through the collection of data on scientific articles. Such boardings had made in them to understand the stages of one better reanimao, as well as the paper of the nursing and the nurse during this event, contributing of positive form for our theoretical enrichment. In Nursing for the College San Francisco de Barreiras (FASB). Email: 1 Academic in Nursing for the College San Francisco de Barreiras (FASB). The development of the medicine in the last century gave to place the significant alterations in the scope of the health.

With the introduction of the ressuscitao to cardiopulmonar (RCP), many advances in the attendance of the cardiovascular emergencies and in the advanced support of life had occurred. These interventions have contributed to reestablish the circulation and to improve the survival of victims of cardiorrespiratrias stops (DALRI et al, 2008). The cardiorrespiratria stop (PCR) is defined as the interruption of the activities respiratory and circulatria effective.

Chang Treatment

The face paralysis is a common clinical disfuno in neurology, and affects the activity of the daily life even though and the professional activity, therefore the face summons discloses it of our expression and is essential part of the communication human being. Among the etiologies they are distinguished: injuries in VII the craniano nerve (face nerve), for vascular tumors, abcessos, afeces or traumas until the idiopticas (Paralysis of Bell) or iatrognicas. Also it has the possibility of that it can occur for primary an inflammatory process, imunolgico or of viral etiology (Fisher, 2003). The objective of this study was to identify resulted that they point the difference of therapeutical reply how much to the intervention in acute and chronic phase, establishing the used acupontos, as well as the contribution of the acupuntura as complementary form and its benefits as technique in the treatment of face paralysis. 2.

METHODOLOGY was carried through bibliographical research in periodic national and the international ones and books. The database for selected articles was Bireme (virtual library), with consultation in the PubMed, Lilacs and SciElo with the following describers: acupuntura, face paralysis, acute phase, acupontos, and its correspondents in English language: acupuncture, face palsy, acute phase, acupoints, of February the April of 2011. The studied articles of face paralysis and acupuntura had been divided in two groups. First inclua texts with aspects anatomical epidemiologists and of the face paralysis and according to the use of the acupuntura in the treatment of the face paralysis. 3. RESULTED the results they had disclosed that the acupuntura, comparative to the treatment for corticosteroides of the medicine occidental person, better has effect in the treatment of the peripheral face paralysis in shorter stated periods. Moreover, it was observed that the acupuntura applied in the acute phase led to the biggest regression of the disfuno. Table 1.

Nursing Inefficacious Respiratory Standard

Familiar processes Modified Definition: Psicossociais functions, physiological spirituals and of the familiar unit are disorganized. Defining characteristics: Diminished physical contact. 4.3 – Interventions of Nursing Inefficacious Respiratory Standard? To locate you twist to optimize them gaseous; – To place lying when possible, therefore this position results in one better oxygenation, alimentaes most tolerated and organized standards of sleep-vigil more; – To place in the supina position with the extended neck and the nose directed toward the ceiling to prevent any nip of the aerial ways; To observe shunting line presences of the desired functioning; To recognize signals of respiratory anguish? retractions, snores, cianose, opening of the nostrils, apnea, taquipnia, low oxygen saturation; To execute the prescribed project of suplementao of oxygen. Risk For Infection? To assure that all the cuidadores wash the hands before and after handling the just-been born one to minimize the exposition the infectious microorganisms; To assure that all the equipment in contact with the Rn is clean or barren; To prevent that carrying members of the team of infections of the contagious ways respiratory or enter in contact with the Rn; To isolate the other Rn that has infections in accordance with the politics of the institution; To instruct the members of the team and the parents how much to the procedures of control of the infection; To manage antibiotics as prescribed; To assure strict asepsis and/or sterility in the invasive processes and equipment such as peripheral therapy IV, lumbar punes, and insertion of venoso arterial catheter/. Inefficacious Termorregulao? To place the Rn in the incubadora, cradle of radiating heat or dress in an opened cradle to keep the temperature well corporal steady; Monitorizar the axillary temperature in the unstable just-been born ones; To verify the temperature of the Rn in relation to the temperature of the environment and the temperature of the unit of heating to detect loss of heat for radiation; To prevent situations that can premake use the Rn the loss of heat, as cold weathering needs ‘as’, current of wind, bath or cold scales; To teach to the parents of the Rn the techniques to prevent loss of heat in house. .


We know the importance well that the public and private health has in being equipped and prepared well physically to take care of the necessities of the population. On the other hand we know that only the emphasis in this criterion more is not enough so that the users feel themselves received in the dependences of the thousands of existing institutions of health in our Country. He is well-known proven that the simple accompaniment of the professionals and the medicine application dressings are not enougher for the evolution of a clinical recovery, what he expects in the current days where the devotion and the respect to the next one are of total effect against the patologias, are that same and the professional futures of health, being doctors, technician, managers, among others, work using its knowledge associates to the valuation of the life, taking care of, respecting, humanizando truily what they had learned long ago to save lives.. .

Acute Resistance Training

Original article ACUTE ALTERATIONS HEMODINMICAS PROVOKED BY THE RESISTED TRAINING Hemodynamic Changes Caused by Acute Resistance Training Jose Adnailson Da Silva Branches Humberto Moura Barbosa ASCES Association Superior Caruaruense de Ensino, Pernambuco, Brazil. Committee of ethics and research N letter 015/10 CEP/ASCES Jose Adnailson Da Silva Branches Street: Blessed Ccero Veras, 39 Center, Cupira Pernambuco. ACUTE ALTERATIONS HEMODINMICAS PROVOKED BY THE RESISTED TRAINING Summary Objective of the present study was to identify to the behavior of the double product (DP) and of the sistlica arterial pressure (SHOVELS) and diastlica (PAD) in rest and effort, in the exercise peck-deck, crucifixo, leg-press 45 and agachamento being carried through 10 repetitions 75% of 1RM. The sample was constituted by young citizens of the masculine sort (n=31), with average of age of 22,5 1,55 years, average of the corporal mass of 75,5 2,2 kg, average of 1,75 stature 0,62m and IMC (Kg/m2) 24,7 1,8 Kg/m2. For the gauging of the Cardiac Frequency one was used freqencmetro Polar MZ1, and for the Arterial Pressure (Par) one was used esfignomanmetro aneroid, and a estetoscpio Littman (U.S.A.). For analysis statistics a exploratrio study (asymmetry, curtose, test of normality of Shapiro Wilks) of the data with the objective was initially carried through to take care of to the estimated theoreticians of the normality of the curve, and later the descriptive statistics and test t of Student for repeated samples.

All the statistical analyses had been carried through in the SPSS will be Windows, version 10.0. Significant differences between the average values had been proven of (SHOVELS) (p = 0,000) (DP) (p = 0,000) in the exercises for superior members, crucifixo and peck deck. (SHOVELS) (p = 0.071) and difference significant in (DP) of effort (p = 0,008) in the exercises for inferior members, agachamento and leg press 45.

It Seems A Chafariz

The Human being created to the Image and Similarity of the Universal GOD, cannot be shaken with small things. It has in itself the Largeness of the Celestial Father who created it with all its benesses. The fights of the life appear for it to forge in the Good the character. Thus it describes it Ezequiel Prophet: face of Man = endowed with Intelligence, face of lion = endowed with force, face of ox = endowed with perseverance, face of eagle = penetrating vision. The form of its faces seems a chafariz was as of man; to the right, the four had lion face; to the left, face of ox; also face of eagle, all the four. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:10.

The Man is not a chafariz Launching for high the Much water fervente For being grumbler With the life that leads. Its act Sample one future better Existence, That is not finished in the dust Of not the inexistence. The Force with it is Stops with firmness molding its Destination. Its vision does not stop in the gift, But it glimpses to the front a perpetual time. Man! You cannot to outside launch the water that arises to compensate you, Because, with honor; You are part Of the Mother Nature firms That you in the beauty Of the Perpetual Existence.

Crespo History

In such a way, the subject body object modifies the culture and the moment where it lives, as well as suffers alterations in consequence of the lived context. In this direction, to think about history of the body it is also to think about the cultural processes, in the social relations that dictate each moment of history. A body becomes one without limit of possibilities, that can, each moment, in determined time of history if to modify. The history of the body must find its main justification in the problems that if place the men of the current world. For Crespo (1990), the body is symptom of culture and differences: (…) the history of the body cannot leave of being a distinguishing history, in search of the inaqualities between the life times the social human being, places and groups; knowing of the practical scholars and the espontaneidade of the traditional ones enters, the Real and the imaginary one; at last, between diverse mentalities, opposing ways to represent the body or it to exercise for multiple techniques (CRESPO, 1990, p.12). We as soon as perceive the history of the body is always incomplete because it suffers innumerable mutations. Thus, it becomes indispensable to go deep the inquiries on practical and the representations of body, a time that still has very for knowing in an area where ' ' dimension escondida' ' of the behaviors human beings it is of an unexpected wealth, over all when these say respect to the appearance of the people. The proper history of the adaptation of the human being to the environment since the industrial revolution until the technological revolution, in which we are inserted, allows to observe the complexity of the process. The body that we see is not only what in the ones of the support to exert the diverse activities day to day.

Gasser Picture

They can be for antibodies hot IgG and cold antibodies IgM. IgG (80%) Picture clinical Pallor, jaundice and esplenomegalia. Directed the GAC of lcus rh, idioptica, lpus, linfomas. LLC, here of ovrio, ulcerativa colite, I diagnosis Laboratoriais Reduction of the Hb and Hc, reticulocitose, policromasia, esferocitose, normoblastos, leucocitose, neutrofilia, plaquetofilia of Rouleoux of hemcias, Coombs D and I (positive). Plasmaferese treatment, corticides, esplenectomia. IgM (20%) Picture Clinical paroxstica Hemoglobuminria the cold. Directed GAC I of eritrcitos, infectious idioptica, linfomas, mononucleose, pneumonia for micoplasma. I diagnosis Laboratoriais IgM-C3? hemcias ( policromasia, esferocitose, rouleoux of hemcias, hemoglobinria.

Treatment Light (hot gloves, stockings and clothes), Chronicles (plasmaferese) fetal Eritroblatose (IgG) clinical Picture acute Hemlise, jaundice, coombs I (+), Serious hemoglobinria, normoblastos: intrauterine death. Fetal Hisdropzia and encefalopatia of bilirubin (Kernieterus) Exossangunea Treatment, plasmaferese. ANEMIA HEMOLTICA MACROANGIOPTICA Anemia that can occur in submitted individuals the cardiac cirugias in which had been implanted valves of Hfnagel, of Starr – Edward or prtese badly placed that causes spalling of the eritrcitos. Picture clinical and I diagnosis Laboratoriais Anemia of changeable degree, 1 10% of fragmented eritrcitos (esquizcitos and queratcitos) in estirao sanguineous, policromasia, reticulocitose, hipocromia (in case that it has hemoglobiminria or hemossiderinria). Treatment In this case operating again. ANEMIA HEMOLTICA MICROANGIOPTICA Anemia that occurs due abnormalitys of the walls arteriolares and daily pay-capillaries that lead to the disruption of the endotlio and the staple fibre deposition that causes lise of the eritrcitos. Picture Clinical trombtica tombocitopenica Ppura, Syndrome of Gasser, sudden Prpura, Septicemia, adenocarcinomas of (it suck, stomach and prostate). Vasculite to arteriolar Diagnostico Laboratoriais Anemia changeable degree with anisopecilocitose for esquizcitos and the times microesfercitos.

Treatment Illness of base. Tratra coagulation to intravascular it spread and in the cases of intense hemlise becomes fullfilled eritrocitrias transfusions. TALASSEMIAS heterogeneous Group of hereditary anemias that in common possess a quantitatively deficient synthesis of the chains Alpha () and Beta () of tetrmero of hemoglobina the normal one (2 2).

Rio De Janeiro

The professionals who play promotion role the health and prevention of more apt illnesses must be each day to develop its work, being thus must themselves be deepened studies concerning this subject and to each day if to insert in this context, being thus had a good interaction adolescent-professional of the health. References BORGES, Gone K; MEDEIROS, Marcelo. Social representations of DST/AIDS for adolescents of an institution shelter with former experience of life in the streets of the city of Goinia. Gois, 2004. BRETON, Ana Cristina Passarela; CAMBA, Mnica Antar. Nursing and Health of the Adult. Manole publishing company.

Barueri – SP, 2006. COAST, Conceio Maria Oliveira; SOUZA, Reinaldo Pagnoncelli of. Semiologia and primary attention the child and to the adolescent. 2 Ed. Editora Revinter LTDA. Rio De Janeiro, 2005. Disgnostic of nursing of the NANDA: definitions and classification 2007-2008/North American Nursing Diagnosis Association; Regina translation Garcez axe.

Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2008. GIL, B.C. As to elaborate research projects. Publishing company: Atlases. 4 edition. So Paulo, 2002. IT HISSES, Pricilla Diniz Bonfim; OLIVEIRA, Michele Days Da Silva; MATOS, Landmarks Andres of; TAVARES, Viviane Rodrigues; MEDEIROS, Marcelo; BRUNINI, Sandra; TELES, Sheila Arajo – Behavior of risk for the sexually transmissible illnesses in pertaining to school adolescents of low income. Electronic magazine of Nursing, v. 07, N. 02, P. 185 – 189, 2005. Available in TAQUETTE, Stella R.; ANDRADE, Renata Bessa of; VILHENA, Marlia M. and PAULA, Mariana Fields of. The relation between the social and mannering characteristics of the adolescent and the sexually transmissible illnesses. Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. online. 2005, vol.51, n.3, pp. 148-152. ISSN 0104-4230. doi: 10.1590/S0104-42302005000300015. TAQUETTE, Stella R.; VILHENA, Marlia Mello of and PAULA, Mariana Fields of. Sexually transmissible illnesses and sort: a transversal study with adolescents in Rio De Janeiro. Cad. Public health online. 2004, vol.20, n.1, pp. 282-290. ISSN 0102-311X. doi: 10.1590/S0102-311X2004000100046 MELLO, Glauco R; I CASTRATE, Gustavo; REGIANNE, Claudete; OAK, Newton S.